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2 Judges APHA / PtHA

Ocala, FL

MARCH 29-30th

2 Judges APHA/PtHA

Tampa, FL

MAY 25-26

4 Judges  APHA/PtHA

Tampa, FL


2 Judges  One day APHA/PtHA

New Symrna, FL

NOVEMBER  23-24th

4 Judges  APHA/PtHA

Tampa, Fl

Click on PDF below to view present and past Florida PtHA World Show Winners!

Florida PtHA World Show winners photos.pdf


Florida Pinto has teamed up again with our sister club, Florida Paint Horse Club.  We will be a part of 5 shows this year that are both Paint/Pinto combined shows. 

Please remember you MUST also join the Florida Pinto Horse Club to be eligible for our year end awards.  The 2019 membership form will be directly below click on the link then mail in your membership form or bring it to the show and turn it in at the office.  You must also show to atleast 50% + 1 Judge to be eligible for year end awards, as well as joining the club by no later than the March show.  Points will not start to accrue until you have joined the club.

fptha membership 2019.pdf


2019 Show Calendar