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The Florida Pinto Horse club sponsors two Pinto/Paint combined shows per  year.  The Dixie Paint horse club sponsors 3 Paint/Pinto shows per year.  This gives our members 5 state shows to attend each year.  We are also in conjunction with the Florida Paint Horse club implementing the new schedule format that our members voted to use.  English classes, halter, showmanship on Saturday, and on Sunday Trail, horsemanship and Western Pleasure.

Here is the pending show schedule for 2015 all shows will be held at the Florida State Fairgrounds with the exclusion of two Paint only shows:



Our Officers

  1. (352)346-7835

Club Bylaws


Florida Pinto By-Laws.pdf

Membership List

2013 FPtHA list 4.8.13

Our Show Bills

January 2014 2 Judges

January 2014 showbill 12.28.13.pdf

Entry form Jan 2014.pdf

Bareback eq pattern Jan 2014.pdf

Feburary  2 Judges Paint ONLY

February 2014 showbill Florida  Georgia clubs 1 16 14.pdf

Presidents Day Show  Saturday 2.15.14 Patterns.pdf

Presidents Day Show  Sunday  2.16.14 Patterns 8.28.39 PM.pdf

April 2014 2 Judges

April 2014 showbill 3 24 14.pdf

April Fla Pinto Entry form NEW FORMAT.pdf

April 2014 Spring Fling all patterns.pdf

May 2014 4 Judges

May Saturday - Sunday showbill

May 2014 showbill Saturday & Sunday 4.25.14 with NSBA.pdf


FPHC May 2014 show Entry forms.pdf


May all patterns.pdf

May Paint only Monday showbill

May 2014 Memorial day 2 judge showbill Youth Am only  4.25.14  NSBA.pdf

Schembri Memorial show

Schembri Memorial show patternbook.pdf

September 2014 2 Judges

September 5-7 FINAL showbill 8.26.14.pdf

September 2014 FPHC &  Pinto Entry form NEW FORMAT.pdf

October 2014 2 Judges

October 2014 18-19 showbill  REVISED halter classes moved.pdf

October 2014 FPHC &  Pinto Entry form NEW FORMAT.pdf

PtHA Links


  2. 354.About Pinto

  3. 355.PtHA Rule Book

  4. 356.PtHA Registration

  5. 357.PtHA Forms

  6. 358.Pinto Classified Ads

Florida Paint Horse Club

President  - Maggie Nipper


2015 SHOW SEASON (pending APHA / PtHA approval)

Jan 30 - Feb 1st  4 judges APHA/PtHA/NSBA all Breed

Feb 14-16th (Paint Only, Jacksonville, FL) 6 Judges

Mar 7th - 8th (Paint Only) 4 Judges

April 11th - 12th 2 Judges APHA/PtHA /NSBA all Breed

May 22nd -24th 4 Judges APHA/PtHA/NSBA all Breed

May 25th 2 Judges (Paint Amateur & Youth only)

Sept 5th - 6th 2 Judge APHA/PtHA/NSBA All Breed

Oct 17th - 18th 2 Judge APHA/PtHA/NSBA All Breed

Nov 21rd (1 day Paint Only) 2 Judges (pending possible APHA/PtHA show)

Dec 12th - 13th 4 Judge APHA/NSBA All Breed

LOOK FOR MORE information on our awards for the 2015 show season.

PLEASE remember you MUST be a FPtHA member & MUST participate in atleast 3 of the Florida Pinto Horse Association shows and the corresponding 3 classes each of the 3 shows so you can be eligible for our Year End Awards.

Florida Pinto Horse Club