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The Florida Pinto Horse club sponsors two Pinto/Paint combined shows per  year.  The Florida Paint horse club sponsors 3 Paint/Pinto shows per year.  This gives our members 5 state shows to attend each year. 

Please check our Facebook page and the home page of this website for the upcoming shows Showbill and entry forms



Our 2018 Officers

  1. (352)346-7835

Club Bylaws


Florida Pinto By-Laws.pdf

Membership List

Our 2018 shows

January 27                         

2 Judges  APHA/PtHA

Ocala Horsepark, FL

MARCH 30 2017                           2 Judges  APHA/PtHA

Ocala, FL

MARCH 31- APRIL 1st,  APHA ONLY  4 Judges 

Ocala, FL


May 26-27

4 Judges  APHA/PtHA

Tampa, FL

May 30th

2 Judges APHA only

Tampa FL

October 6th                   

2 Judges   APHA/PtHA

Silver Sands, FL

November 17-19th         

4 Judges APHA/PtHA

Ocala FL


fptha membership 2018.pdf

PtHA Links


  2. 354.About Pinto

  3. 355.PtHA Rule Book

  4. 356.PtHA Registration

  5. 357.PtHA Forms

  6. 358.Pinto Classified Ads

Florida Paint Horse Club

President  - Maggie Nipper



JANUARY 27 2 Judges Ocala, FL

MARCH 30th   - 2 Judges Ocala, FL

MAY 26-27 4 Judges  APHA/PtHA Tampa, FL

OCTOBER 6th  - 2 Judges New Symrna, FL

NOVEMBER  17-19th  - 4 Judges Ocala Horsepark

Florida Pinto Horse Club

PLEASE remember to review your 2018 membership form carefully for year end award qualifications:

-MUST be a FPtHA member by no later than the March show

- Must show to 50% + 1 judge

- Also points do not start to be counted for year end until you are a member

Questions concerning the year end awards should be sent to Lisa Graham